FANS // Fan Support

The fan representatives work together with ‘Fanprojekt Braunschweig’ and the respective internal departments at Eintracht Braunschweig in focusing on typical fan issues, such as...

  • Fan support at home and away games
  • Organisation of fan trips to away matches
  • Management and support of the fan-club
  • Collaboration with federations, institutes and civil authorities (e.g. DFB, DFL, fan representatives and fan projects from other clubs, police, City of Braunschweig etc.).
  • Prevention activities in the areas of violence and alcohol
  • Issuing of flag-passes, etc.


Nils Burgdorf

Erik Lieberknecht

Hall of Fans

The ‘Hall of Fans’ – a piece of Eintracht

On December 20th, 2002, an initiative for a ‘Löwen’ project called into being by Stephan Rex, Mathias Bonhardt, Majo Rudert and Per Schmale got underway. Punctually, to coincide with the stadium festival on July 20th, 2003, the “Hall of Fans” was inaugurated behind the Südkurve in EINTRACHT-STADION. Work continued right until the day before the unveiling to ensure everything would be ready in time – and what a success it was!

After some eight years, and approximately 1,500 plaques, the “Hall of Fans” is completely full and it is now no longer possible for fans to add their names to the list.

By way of consoling those unable to secure a place on the initial “Hall of Fans”, a follow-on project is planned!