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Eintracht Braunschweig GmbH & Co. KGaA
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38112 Braunschweig

Approach to the stadium

Coming from the north, you can reach the EINTRACHT STADION by car taking the A2 (Hannover - Berlin) and coming from the south you take the A39 (Dreieck Salzgitter - Braunschweig) and then switch to the A 391(see graphic). Follow the traffic signs until you reach the exit Hansestraße. Now you reach the stadium from north. At the end of the freeway, turn right in the direction Zentrum/Stadion, then follow the signs to EINTRACHT-STADION.

Caution! In many cases the A 392 is crowded prior to Eintracht Braunschweig games and traffic congestion and stalling traffic are distinctly possible.

Parking spaces

Unfortunately there are only a limited number of parking spaces available in the direct vicinity of the stadium, which often are occupied early before the kick-off.

Caution! Parking on the guest parking space P4 is not possible.


Guest fans who arrive with buses have the possibility to park on the guest parking space P4. Our security staff or the police will instruct the bus driver.

Approach from main station

Usually the fans who arrive by train at the main station are transported to EINTRACHT STADION by shuttle busses. After the match the shuttle busses also drive back to the main station.

The trams M1 and M2 operate between main railway-station and EINTRACHT STADION. The tram M1 stops directly at the stadium. The tram M2 stops close to the stadium.

2. Tickets and stadium plan

Admission fees for day tickets at the box offices

For games which are not previously sold-out, the ticket desks open on match-days simultaneously with the stadium – one and a half hours before kick-off. The number of open ticket desks depends on the capacity the respective home game. If you buy a ticket at the ticket desks on a match day, the additional charge per standing place is 1,00 Euro and per seat 2,00 Euro. The following groups are entitled to a reduction for standing places: full-time pupils, students (up to 27 years of age), trainees, disabled persons (with 50 % disability or over), retired persons and unemployed persons. The valid verification of discount entitlement must be presented on purchase of the tickets. Please note that only cash payments are possible.

Rules of the stadium/ATGB

In purchasing a ticket, the ticket purchaser agrees to the current rules of EINTRACHT STADION and the general terms and conditions in ticketing of Eintracht Braunschweig. Eintracht Braunschweig expressly emphasise that the wearing of jerseys, caps, football scarves and other such merchandise from the visiting club is not permitted in particular sectors (blocks 5-9 in the southern curve and blocks 10-12 in the East-Stand). If necessary, access to the blocks can be refused by the security staff.

3. General information

Stadium opening

The EINTRACHT STADION opens 90 – 120 minutes before kick-off on match days. This can vary for big matches.

Guest sector

The Blocks 18 (seats) and 19 (standing room) in the northern curve of EINTRACHT STADION are intended for the guest fans. These blocks are accessible via our guest parking space P4. Tickets for our guest fans are available from the respective visiting club. On match-days, tickets for the guest fans can be purchased at the ticket desks close to the northern curve (via guest parking space P4) of EINTRACHT STADION.

Eintracht Braunschweig expressly emphasise that the wearing of jerseys, caps, football scarfs and other such merchandise from the visiting club is not permitted in particular sectors of EINTRACHT-STADION.
Information: Access to the blocks 18 and 19 is not permitted to fans who are wearing fan merchandise from Eintracht Braunschweig!

Carrying of cameras

In general, it is allowed to carry cameras during a home match in EINTRACHT STADION.

Information and contact persons

The Eintracht head-office is happy to provide any additional information you may require:

Phone: 0531 – 2 32 30 0 (on weekdays 10.00 am – 5.00 pm)

4. Banners, megaphones, drums etc.

The following permitted equipment for guest fans in EINTRACHT-STADION are set according to the security situation, resulting from the safety meetings and exchanges with the fan representatives from the visiting club.

In general permitted materials

Small banners (up to 1,50m rod length) 
Fence banners (in consultation with security staff and fan reps) 
Megaphones (amount in consultation with fan support – maximum 2) 
Drums (amount in consultation with fan reps – maximum 2)

Generally prohibited materials

Big flags
Food and beverages
Confetti, register and paper rolls, sparklers

All prohibited materials are listed in the rules of the stadium and the general terms and conditions of ticketing.

Upon consultation with fan representatives, the following materials could be permitted depending on the respective match-day

Double holder / swing flags (exclusively in connection with banner pass) 
Banners donning statements
Further fan actions

Backpacks and big bags

Backpacks and larger bags will be confiscated at the entry control. During the match, backpacks and larger bags could be stored, but the capacity is limited. Fans are not permitted to bring their own food and drink to EINTRACHT-STADION.

Precentor platform

In block 19 (next to the emergency exit) there are two platforms for the precentors. The precentor is allowed to step onto the fence.

5. Information for fans with disabilities

Information for wheelchair users

Please note that Eintracht Braunschweig offer 60 tickets specifically intended for wheelchair users per match day, in order to ensure a barrier-less access to the viewing area. Due to security and liability reasons, wheelchair users are not permitted to access the stadium with a normal day ticket. The accompanying person is admitted free of charge and is seated in the row behind the wheelchair area (Block 1, row 3 and Block 4, row 3). Tickets are available from all points of sale, telephone hotline and online ticket shop.

The entrance for wheelchair users is located at the main entrance between parking space P2 and the ticket office. Wheelchair users with a ticket for wheelchair ramp north can enter the stadium area at the service-provider’s entrance close to parking space P3. The access to wheelchair ramp south is located at the marathon gate between block 4 and 5. The wheelchair ramp north is accessible through the marathon gate between block 1 and 19. It is possible to enter through the main entrance. 

Wheelchair users from visiting clubs are seated at the wheelchair ramp north. Apart from the wheelchair entrance, the general entrance for guest fans can be used, which is located close to the parking space P4. The wheelchair users stand in the first row of the main stand. On this ramp there is space for 30 wheelchair users in each case with an allocated seat for the accompanying person.

Wheelchair users must purchase their tickets in advance of the match-day.

All wheelchair are asked to use the disabled toilets between blocks 1 and 19 as well as between blocks 4 and 5 (marathon gate between North-Stand and Main-Stand, marathon gate between South-Stand and Main-Stand).

If you should have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our fan representative Patrick Leonardi (

Information for visually impaired fans

Also visually impaired or blind fans have the possibility to experience the matches of our team live in EINTRACHT-STADION. The whole match is commentated on in German by our two presenters via a wireless headphone system. There are 10 seats available in Block 4, directly in our Main-Stand. Due to the limited capacity, fans of the visiting club are asked to contact our fan representative Patrick Leonardi in advance.